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About me 

I offer both short-term focused counselling and long-term therapy. My aim to help clients identify and explore issues and work on constructive ways of resolving reoccurring and unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours.  

I believe our early ways of responding to others and how we learn to manage our feelings lead us to develop patterns of relating to both our inner and outer world in a compromised manner. By exploring these, much greater insight and self-awareness are gained and relatively small changes in thinking and behaviour can lead to far-reaching positive consequences.


People approach therapy for a myriad of different reasons but the important starting point is that they recognise that they may be feeling 'stuck' and unable to resolve their troubles. My view is that counselling is like physiotherapy for the mind, and offers the unique opportunity to look at one's own situation (whether as an individual or as a couple) more objectively within a confidential and non-judgmental setting. It offers the space to explore issues, gain far deeper self-awareness and seek resolution resulting in the opportunity to move forwards more positively.

I have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual abuse and rape, as well as supervising those who also work clinically in this area.

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